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OnThisDay: January 29th , The Compromise of 1850
OnThisDay: January 17th 1920, Prohibition of alcohol in The U.S as a result of 18th Amendment
OnThisDay:Nov 3rd 1534, The Act of Supremacy
OnThisDay:Oct 23rd 1998,Israel-Palestinian Land-For-Peace Agreement
OnThisDay: Oct13th 1864, Maryland Constitution
OnThisDay: Oct 9th 1953, US Prime Minister Winston Churchill approves Guyanese constitution
OnThisDay: Oct 8th 1980, Soviet-Syrian Treaty
OnThisDay; Oct 3rd 1990, The Unification Day of Germany
OnThisDay: Oct 2nd 2001, NATO backs US military strike
OnThisDay: Sep29th 1922, Balfour Declaration,Britian assumes its mandate of Palestine
OnThisDay: Sep28th 1995, Oslo Accord 2 signed by Israeli Prime Minister & PLO Chairman.
OnThisDay: Sep23rd 1932, Duel kingdom of Hejaz & Nejd unified under the name of the kingdom Saudi Arabia