Oct 3rd 1990,

The Unification Day of Germany

The West wanted to revive the German economy and combine the three western zones into one area. … After Germany was divided into two parts, East Germany built the Berlin Wall to prevent its citizens from fleeing to the west. The wall physically divided the country into eastern communism and western democracy.
The Berlin Wall was a specific piece of the Inner Border that became the physical embodiment of the Iron Curtain that stood between East Germany and West Germany in the decades following the conclusion of World War II.
After the collapse of the Nazi regime in 1945, the victorious Allied powers split Germany into four occupation zones. Initially, the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union each governed one. But Cold war politics soon led to a two-way east-west split.Oct 3, 2012
In the year 1990, the “Day of German Unity” was celebrated twice, on this date and on 3 October.
Compiled by; DurreShahwar

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