European Union Provides Euro 20 Million (PKR 3.6 Billion) for Rule of Law Support to Pakistan

On July 21st EU signed a Financing Agreement on “Rule of Law Support to Pakistan” with the Government of Pakistan amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The European Union will provide total grant assistance Euro 20 Million for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its newly merged districts of FATA as well as Balochistan.

The ROL programme is intended to be implemented over a period of five years and it will greatly help to support and encourage Pakistan’s effort for improving the rule of law, access to justice and delivery of timely justice mainly in the two said provinces. ROL will primarily focus on women, children and less privileged groups.

The programme is all set to provide technical assistance and capacity building to all the government institutions instrumental in the security sector and the judiciary at federal as well as provincial level. As part of the programme, IT solutions will be developed and provided to police and judiciary for better performance. Staff of the said departments will be trained to get familiar with the new technology and a separate desk for the facilitation of women will be created in police stations.

It will not be wrong to assume that ROL will ensure transparency and enable people to have knowledge about their rights. Which clearly means that true essence of ROL is aimed at making law as an equalizer for every segment of the society.

By: Muhammad Azam Jan Leghari

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