Battle of The Britain: The Hardest Day

The Hardest Fought Day Of The Battle of Britain was Sunday, 18 August 1940 with over 130 British and German aircrafts  destroyed. On This Day The Luftwaffe Tried Its Utmost To Destroy British Airfields Flying 850 Sorties Involving 2200 Aircrew. The RAF Resisted With Equal Vigour Flying 927 Sorties Involving 600 Aircrew.

The RAF And Fleet AirArm Lost Altogether 68 Aircrafts, 31 In Air Combat.6 German Aircrafts Were Destroyed Or Damaged Beyond Repair.

At The End Of The Day Of The Forty Men Who Had Set Out Eight Had Been Killed, Five Taken Prisoner, Three Returned Wounded And Seven Were Floating In The English Channel.The Luftwaffe Was  Bleeding To death.

Compiled By: DurreShahwar

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