Oct 12th 1999, Pervez Musharraf seizes power

The 1999 military takeover in Pakistan] was a bloodless coup d’état initiated by the military staff at the Joint Staff HQ working under Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Pervez Musharraf seized the control of the civilian government of publicly elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 12 October 1999 Simultaneously tenuring as the Chief of Army Staff, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Musharraf, who then-acted as the country’s Chief Executive, declared a state of emergency by issuing a controversial provisional order in a direct violation of that suspended the writ of the Constitution of Pakistan on 14 October 1999 — only two days of seizing the control of the federal government from the legal advise taken from his legal team led by Sharifuddin Pirzada.

!8 years ago,Pervaiz Musharraf , the chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, organized a bloodless coup to take the control from the government from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was immediately put under house arrest and forced into an exile. Musharraf declared himself Chief Executive of Pakistan, imposed martial law and suspended the constitution as democracy was toppled by the military for the fourth time. Musharraf would rule for a  decade.


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